The Taste of Purity

There is nothing that compares to the rich aroma and taste of ghee in South Asian cooking. From our prayers to our plates, ghee is a part of our lives in more ways than one.

It’s that nostalgic and indulgent experience that we remember as children. It’s the delicious dollop mixed into hot daal, it’s the whiff of suji being roasted in ghee as the aroma fills the room. It’s the dollop on top of a sizzling paratha that makes it irresistible. 

Dabur Organic Ghee is not just organic and pure, it’s sealed with a promise to bring you even closer to the authentic aroma, taste and texture you’ve grown so fond of.

Goodness in a Jar

Loaded with natural goodness and tons of health benefits, like boosting immunity, improving eyesight and ensuring better heart health, Dabur Organic Ghee is as pure as ghee can be. Never hesitate to pick up a jar as the ghee we produce has the coveted Soil Association Certificate, which means that it has passed through the strictest standards and comes from cows that are free to roam around and eat the fresh meadow grass in Netherlands. 

Needless to say, it’s all natural and free of all nasties – no preservatives, nothing artificial or genetically modified. It is also suitable for vegetarians.So, go on and give your family a taste of wholesome goodness, indulge in the wonderful flavour of Dabur Organic Ghee.

Natural from start to finish

Made from 100% certified organic cow’s milk (grass-fed cow) from Netherlands to ensure purest quality of ghee (clarified butter)

Officially recognized

Proud to be certified by the Soil Association as pure organic ghee and is Non-GMO and has no artificial colors and preservatives.

Suits vegetarian palettes

A healthy, delicious and homemade taste suitable for vegetarians as an alternative to oils and endorsed by dietitians around the globe

Guilt-Free Indulgence

Loaded with natural goodness and tons of health benefits like boosting immunity, improving eyesight and ensuring heart health

Wholesome goodness from Dabur

Wholesome goodness in every meal

Dabur, the 135-year-old company sells more than 250 different products in more than a hundred countries, becoming a global brand.  No wonder today, Dabur has become one of India’s most trusted brands and the world’s largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company.

With a rich heritage, Dabur, the world’s oldest natural consumer products manufacturer, has many legendary brands under its umbrella. Dabur is one of India’s most reputed and diversified FMCG companies with interests in hair care, oral care, health care, skin care, home care and foods & beverages.

Based on the company’s philosophy of only producing pure and wholesome food, we present, Dabur Organic Ghee. Now, add a dollop of goodness to every meal with this wonderfully nutritious ghee.

Try Our Recipes

Our recipes will leave you wanting more.  Let us know your favorites!

Coconut Sheera

Creamy Coconut Sheera, with a dash of nuts and Dabur organic ghee. An all time favourite.

Chana Daal Kheer

chana daal, cardamom and jaggery and Dabur Organic Ghee make this festive treat even more joyous!

Cream Potatoes


Ginger Pak

almonds, milk, ginger and Dabur organic ghee makes this melt-in-the-mouth golden brown delicacy

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