Herbal oral care for healthy teeth and gums

Say no to chemicals! Our range of natural herbal toothpastes will keep your teeth strong and healthy, feeling and looking good.
Basil – Dabur herbal toothpaste with the extract of basil. Basil has been used in India for centuries as a natural remedy for bleeding gums and sensitive teeth.
Clove –Dabur herbal toothpaste with the 
extract of Clove. Clove has been used in 
Ayurveda for centuries to help reduce 
teeth pains.
Neem – Dabur herbal toothpaste with 
extract of Neem. 
Neem has been mentioned in 
ayurveda as a natural 
Anti bacterial recommended to 
fight tooth and gum disease.
Neem is the most popular choice 
of toothpastes.

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